When buying a new furniture, everyone faces the same problem which is time. There are many furniture stores which offers fast, easy and available designed products which are already manufactured in standard sizes, Unassembled and easily delivered to customers.

Such furnitures are made on using thin thin, processed or artificial wood which are often light weight and covers packaging or shipping expenses easily.

If your Workplace/Living has numberse of visitors more than usual these type or Unassembled furniturres are no more valuable use because it often compromises on quality when it comes to low pricing strategy.


If you are planning to place Sofa where people dont come to sit, or just passes by, This light weigh artificial wood Sofa may be the one, but if you are planning to buy Sofa for high traffic areas like waiting rooms, healthcare facilities or your busy living room of your home, Quality Furniture is needed.

Quality Solid Wood Furniture Vs Regular Furniture.


What make Exquisite Furnitures different from other Furniture stores is the quality of products which it offers to its valued customers.

Solid wood furnitures are somehow little expensive but very durable and quality is never compromised.

In modern days type of particle boards are used which are mostly made up of wood pulp, plastic or resin which makes material light weight. Such wood material is used in modern furniture just to cover low cost and available to everyone.



When there is more than normal use of furniture or you cannot compromise on the quality of products, Solid wood is the best choice for you. As we know well wood has maximum life and the products which are made of solid wood has infinite life. Designs of handwork, carvings and carvings are always gives best look on solid wood other than processed wood i.e particle boards or fibre (which is alternative to wood for carving furniture).



Exquisite furnitures manufactures its products on pure wood. There are variety of products such as Ash, Oak, Teak, Wallnut and sisso etc depending on which type of furniture are you goi ng to buy.

For a Polished designs with thin frames Teak or Oak are the options. For handcrafting carving frames No other than “Dalbergia Sisso” is better. Sisso (Yellow or Red) is considered to be best wood and much harder than others when making solid wood carving designs.

Walnut wood is another option for plain and decent designs for polished or Deco furnitures.

Bed/sofa designs etc which are made on sloid wood, have maximum life and quality is never ignored and the final look of polish or colour give enchanting look and always appreciated and praised.

Cushions and Upholstrey:


Depending on the type of furniture you are going to buy, you may have furniture which cushions are removed easily, more specifically things like armchairs, dining chairs and even couches. you can remove easily the covers as this may be a small feature to the procuts or if you get easily bored of the colours it can be changed of by your choice. In majority of cases, customers prefer to buy furniture which has permanently fixed fabric however, it is just an option for the customers.




Fabrics which Exquisite has in stock are prime quality fabrics which are gathered from various regions of the world. in modern type furnitures, Velvet is in high demand so there are enxtensive variety of velvets from plain to textured, single coloured to dyed one and even printed available to give the best look to our finished items.

there are other options such as Faux leather or jute which is now trending and favourite one when choosing for Sofa. Jute as 2 shaded rough textured with sack styled lines over it and solid colours of it, gives the best look and perfect choice for simple, corner sofas and bedroom and dinning chairs etc.

Jacquard polyester or woven style printed fabrics are also in high demand and combined with some furry look of flower/leafy or gemetrical shapes of velvet gives nice and rich look.


Colour combination of fabrics with furniture frames are finalised by our top designders which are competent enough to design and shape furnitures in such a new way to give new royal look to our final product.



There are number of ways where furniture can be put together. As Exquisite Furnitures manufacture Assembled Products such as, Bed side Tables, Dressers, Chesters, Bed’s Head and Foot Boards Sofas, Couches and even settees. High quality glues such as Proxy liquid Glue are used to reduce the risk of cracking and sagging. Screws & Nails which are used are of best quality.

Whenever you buy an assembled furniture products, make sure that joints are properly connected with no hollow space inside and proper glue and even nails are used to fix and firm.



Exquisite furnitures offer high quality modern furniture so that our customers can enjoy it for years to come. there are many furniture producers and suppliers who focus on “fast fashioned furniture” that will last for couple of years but it slows down to degrade.

At Exquisite, we believe that furniture should be an investment and last for years even with heavy use to the quality is never compromised.


If you are looking for high quality furniture for you home, office, restaurant, hotel, home, or any other business, Exquisite can help alot so contact our sales department or for further querry feel free to write to us.


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