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It was an obvious conduct in the past that to visit the market to buy anything. Getting  market’s awareness and trends is one of the important thing that  every buyer get to know.

But there are certain type of customers coming into that line who are always curious about getting and experiencing the new things. New innovative designs, new ideas and colours which are trending and in high demand are preferred. If we buy via online there will be multiple differences such as online store has various options and has wide variety as compare to conventional stores which has limited display are to exhibit.

If we compare online shopping with conventional shopping we may find number of reasons to identify that why people have significantly inclined to online shopping.


Just think about that you go for shopping during high busy time such as in mid December when Christmas is just around the corner, there are black Fridays, promotions and discounts.

People are struggling to get into malls and get their favourite products at low cut-off prices, there are queues, malls and stores are not facilitating the customers in the same way they deal during normal days.

Mostly people are not satisfied with the customer service during festive days or specific occasions.

Just one thing come into their minds is “Inconvenience!” so why not plan and manage your holidays for occasions and order online to get maximum benefits and enjoy the full time with your family and loved ones.

Online shopping is always convenient than conventional shopping because you can do shopping in minutes, will save the time even if you are busy and avoid the crowds.


Another benefit of online shopping is better prices as compared to conventional shopping, because products are often directly sold by manufacturers directly to customers and there is no middle man involved between them. Many Online stores offer discounts and rebates just to grab the market share of customers and to expand their business.

Many marketing strategies are set when offering products on lowered prices because there is an option to sell to the public at large without any barrier or limitations.


There are unlimited options available when you scroll down for online shopping. Online shopping stores are very rich in having stocks as compared to conventional stores which has limited area to display the items and limited number of customers they can deal at one time.

There is no limit about displaying the goods/products at Online store and people will filter the searches as per their desires e.g. colour, sizes, prices and available locations. This will not only save time but also money which is going to be spent on visiting every individual store or outlets to reach upto the maximum options.


If you buy something from a store you can not stand outside the store and ask each customers who have bought already and ask about the quality of products or the buying experience but in online shopping you can do that.

You can simply verify the quality or services of seller by looking at the reviews and customer’s feedback. This activity will almost reduce the risk of getting false products or poor quality products or services.  This is more beneficial on customer’s point of view and even the seller point of view too, because seller will get to know the satisfactory level of each customers individually and can know and tackle the complaints promptly if they arise.


Once you have decided to separate the living area the next step is to choose the type of furniture you want to buy or the type of furniture you want to add into your great room.

Mostly people prefer to buy sofa set & dinning set for the living area and few others like kids play area, showcases and Chester’s are also used to utilize the free spaces for dining rooms.


It is always presumed that when you shop online return, exchange or refund  policy is not possible or easy to claim but actually this is not the case, when  goods are delivered not as in actual condition when ordered or are not meeting the quality it can be returned by customer as customer satisfaction is the key to successful business.

Moreover customers are always open to share their experience on website or online store app so if such policies (Return & Exchange) are not offered it will not attracts the maximum or potential buyers as for the new customers they will only assure themselves by checking the physical products which actually are delivered.

To encounter and reduce the complaints or claim the policy.

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